Velvet Worm Singapore

Unique wildlife-focused experiences right here in Singapore. 

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What we do

With years of field experience and countless successful ecological excursions, we are well-equipped to deliver holistic eco-enrichment programmes that trigger cognitive learning.

We are firm believers that learning is a lifelong process.

Singapore – a rapidly evolving landscape, sits almost on the equator. An ecological hotbed, much of which is overlooked. And us? We want to nurture the curious wildlife naturalist with hopes that someday, he or she falls in love with the natural world - just like how we did.

Operating as specialised nature facilitators, we strive to mould and guide participants into linking seemingly complex natural science concepts in a fun way. We place great emphasis on the experiential learning process. 

Join us not on a tour but on an educational journey with biodiversity right here in Singapore. 


The wildlife-focused programmes encompasses around direct engagement and encouraging active discussion with emphasis on discovery and piquing curiosity. 

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Intertidal Programme Singapore 2021 Q4
Intertidal Programme Singapore 2021 Q4

Touching Tails


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