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The Young Naturalist Programme

The young naturalist programme combines an introductory dry session featuring exclusive intertidal relics found on our shores together  with an experiential walk along the naturally occurring 'Chencharu Stream'

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Lesson Plan 1/2

Situated at a cosy space on Ground-up Initiative (Lorong Chencharu), Cyan strives to push forward biodiversity-focused education and outreach programmes.

During the Young Naturalist Programme 
programme - participants will learn 
identification and coastal ecology through specimen vouchers found on our very own shores.


  • Different Horseshoe Crabs in Singapore

  • Common Bivalves on the Intertidal Zone

  • Marine Moults

  • Marine Snails in Singapore

  • Cuttlebones and Cephalopods
    *non-exhaustive list

Lesson Plan 2/2

The 2nd component of the Young Naturalist Programme sees participants exploring the Chencharu stream right next to Cyan.

We've painstakingly done up brick steps at the entry point and it very much is a throwback to the kampung days.

Here, participants will get up-close with freshwater flora and fauna. Identifying the birds and the bees as well as pick up nuggets of freshwater ecology along the way.

What exactly inhabits this stream? Join us to find out.

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