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Curious as to what the island of Sentosa has to offer in  terms of wildlife and biodiversity?

Find out more on our exclusive programmes below!


Ever wondered what birds you can find on a small island such as Sentosa? Identify our local avian fauna by their morphology and unique calls. Bring along your adventurous spirit as you get acquainted with a pair of binoculars and a guidesheet - all this while embarking on a trail that brings you through a niche series of tall rainforest trees while skirting along the coastline. 

Come dusk - be immersed in the forest symphony, learn how to spot and identify common amphibians and nocturnal invertebrates. Peek into the secretive lives of the creatures of the night found right in Sentosa aided by a small torch.

Discover a hidden world beneath the ocean, all this and more when the tide retreats. A rare opportunity for participants to get up close with reef marine life that is so often overlooked. Observe closely as sand gobies and swimmer crabs scurry away with the waves. Learn simple marine biology and gain an insight into how the different biotopes on our shores work hand in hand. 

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