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Updated: May 25, 2020

A warm welcome from everyone here at The Untamed Paths! The Untamed Paths started out as a personal blog by a wee Dennis way back in 2014. With a strong interest in wildlife photography and conservation, he pursued a Diploma in Veterinary Bioscience and is now the lead facilitator of most of the nature experiences and walks you see here! Passionate about wildlife and the outdoors, we regularly ventured overseas to neighbouring countries in search of other endemic animals. In recent years, we've grown to expand as a team and more importantly, an inclusive community and be involved in more aspects of nature right here in Singapore. Though our core and passion has always been centred around herptiles (Reptiles and Amphibians), we realised the need to open up and explore more of the other fascinating wildlife present here. (herptiles have a special place in our hearts)

Through many trials and tribulations, we've rolled out the Intertidal Walks which guests can experience and interact with the marine life present on the shores of Singapore without having to scuba dive! And these marine life are a crucial cog to Singapore's biodiversity. A wide array of marine animals can be found in Singapore and we're always uncovering new gems every time we head out for a walk! So if you're reading this and are still hesitant, don't be! Join us on a walk (or 2) in discovering our green spaces and perhaps you'll be inspired to make the change!

one of my first encounters with wildlife in Singapore
Oriental Whip Snake and a Green Crested Lizard

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