Naturalist Night Adventure

On this night adventure, we head out to parklands and fringe forests in search of the creatures of the night!

Nature Walk in Singapore


Frog Orchestra (Easy)

A night echoed by dozens of frogs, observe and learn how to identify our native species. Understand their contrasting features, habitats, diet and natural predators


mangrove rambling (Easy)

Discover mangrove inhabitants such as horseshoe crabs, vinegar crabs, mudskippers and various water snakes (at a safe distance of course!) 


flight of the colugo (Easy)

Majestic gliders of the night, nuff said


march of the giant ants and luminous scorpions (Medium)

Observe the largest ant in Southeast Asia and how they operate in their unique caste system. Spot scorpions from the darkness and learn their anatomy, elusive behaviour and predatory diet.


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"They've got an impressive trained eye for identifying biodiversity at night! He has deep knowledge about local wildlife and is passionate about sharing it with visitors. I’ve lived in S’pore 3 decades and it’s only through this experience I got to see closely the nocturnal appearance of creatures in a rainforest setting. Truly amazing!!"

—  Boon Kian

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