What are our experiences about?

Our programmes strive to cultivate an eagerness for ecological knowledge, getting out of our usual comfort zones and raising awareness for unconventional 

biodiversity through immersive, experiential learning.

Learn how fragile ecosystems function in a city-state like Singapore and find out what you can do on your part to be informed in an ever-changing landscape.


Before you decide to sign up for one of our programmes,
there are just a few things to take note of!

Nature Guiding Singapore.jpg

Not just a 'tour'
we facilitate your ecological learning journey

Intertidal Walk Singapore.jpg


every excursion is a new experience 

Beach Clean-up Singapore.jpg

do your part for the environment

Intertidal Walk Singapore.jpg

Participation is KEY
expect to be engaged, expect to learn

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take action and upgrade your knowledge

Nature Guiding Singapore.jpg

Come with an OPEN MIND

bust common misconceptions about local biodiversity

Are You Ready?