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The Cyan Community Science Project

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The Cyan Community Science projects are executed as multi-week-long projects suitable for youths aged 14 to 21 years old with a budding interest in fields such as environmental studies, biological or life sciences.

Youths can look forward to being deeply involved in implementing and executing natural science based projects, aimed at exploring some little-known aspects of various local environments in Singapore, from a famous secondary forest in Bukit Batok, to an nondescript freshwater stream in Yishun; learning about well-known ‘longkang fish’ and how they fit into a freshwater ecosystem, to the shy, lesser-known Malayan Colugo.

By signing up, youths will be mentored and guided by The Untamed Paths along with a small group of other like-minded individuals to execute the project. 


Participants must be able to commit to the full programme of their choosing, which requires an estimated 4 to 8 hours required per week (based on scheduled field trips, site visits, meetings, data entry, preparing presentations).

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Available Project:
Freshwater Stream Survey

Freshwater forest streams are considered rare habitats in Singapore. They provide a great many ecosystem services that are not easily replaced by man-made drains. They house a high percentage of Singapore’s biodiversity, including over 30 species of freshwater fish and over 10 species of crabs and shrimp. However, these streams are also vulnerable to invasive species. The appearance of red eared sliders and motoro stingrays in our freshwater-ways have been widely publicised. 


In this 15-weeks long mentorship program, participants will be equipped with freshwater stream survey methods. Participants will employ these skills and techniques on a stream that would soon be lost to development - the Chencharu stream. Each field work session involves collecting fauna from the stream (with care), identifying fauna, measuring for vitals, and counting.

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