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The Untamed Paths was conceived by a youthful bunch of passionate naturalists who believe in taking the learning outdoors. Our journey has always revolved around an undying passion for natural science AND having loads of fun.

What started out as just a hobby scrambling around tidal pools or sorting out different frog calls quickly turned into more serious work. We have never believed in exclusivity and now we hope to bring these immersive nature experiences to everyone in Singapore while shedding light on unconventional biodiversity.

The 3 leaves on our logo signify marine, terrestrial and avian fauna. Knowledge is infinite and we want to champion lesser-known wildlife in Singapore.

Join us as we explore our green (and blue) spaces because no 2 experiences will ever be the same.  

Meet The Team

Dennis Untamed Paths


Founder and Lead Facilitator

Dennis was never one to take the conventional route - hence the birth of "The Untamed Paths". His adventurous lifestyle has led him along the path of a veterinary bioscience student and even into the intricacies of business marketing. An accomplished divemaster, he has also had a hand in regional marine conservation work involving thresher sharks, reef restorations and underwater surveys. When not under the ocean - he spends his days and nights out in the field observing and acquiring knowledge on local biodiversity. A big fan of wildlife, he has visited rescue centres in Sumatra and Borneo to get a better understanding of human-wildlife conflict in rural areas.

With a keen eye for the rare and elusive (macro, snakes, birds, you name it!) - Dennis is also an avid wildlife photographer, powerboater, mountaineer and advocate for sustainable fishing - it is no secret that all the elements in his life are intertwined. Being around wildlife is second nature to him.

Dennis is also a licensed specialist nature guide accredited by the Singapore Tourism Board.




Co-founder of Cyan

Cloud specialised in environmental history at Yale-NUS College. By day, she's a policy officer strategizing for aviation recovery. By dusk, she's out exploring. Be it pitch-dark forests or knee-deep waters, pre-dawn or past midnight, she's up for adventures and animals! TUP has allowed her to marry her twin loves — education and the great outdoors—and simultaneously be part of a purpose-driven, ecologically-minded business.

Career highlights definitely include running up a hill to observe a pangolin with a hitchhiking baby, and sighting the elusive Selangor Mud Snake! 


Eating Chilli Crab in the Anthropocene: Environmental Perspectives on Life in Singapore.

Our Food Problem. CNA's Climate Change: A Wicked Problem, 2021. (Documentary)




Pam has many stories to share about her wildlife rescue adventures - from untangling dolphin from fishing lines to advocating for coexistence with scaly critters in our urban jungle.


Both a creative professional and an avid musician, she has a keen ear and eye for the intricacies of the natural environment and the way it communicates through visuals and sounds. In her free time, she hosts experiential walks for friends to forge their own unique connections with nature.


She's currently pursuing a Masters in conservation studies at NUS, in hopes to further her contributions to conservation and climate change mitigation efforts in Singapore.




Raised in the background of Idaho's chilly mountains, Gemma decided to explore new landscapes and moved to Singapore to attend Yale-NUS College, majoring in Environmental Studies. She has strong interests in natural sciences, but chose to specialize in social sciences due to her fascination with Singapore’s agricultural history.

Outdoor environmental education is a passion of hers and she seeks to advocate for the importance of conservation in all of her work. 

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When she’s not busy being a caterpillar mom and watching them eat, she’s out in the forest looking for birds, frogs and fungi and happily learning about them. You can find her posting and sharing about some of her finds on both Facebook and Instagram! 

As a marine science and aquaculture student passionate about wildlife conservation, she believes that education and awareness are the key to helping others develop a sense of curiosity and appreciation for nature, and to preserve the natural environment for generations to come.

Being an amateur photographer, she hopes to share more about the native wildlife who live alongside us humans on this little island that we call home.




Noelle specialises in environmental science. By day, she works in research on urban resilience and climate adaptation using nature-based solutions at NTU. She has keen interest in studying wildlife-inclusive city planning and design.


For science to reach people outside of academia, she believes that informal communication is key. She creates her own drawings, animations and videos and shares them on social media to encourage more people to learn about natural science and engage in environmental sustainability. Nature guiding at The Untamed Paths gives her the opportunity to take informality one step further by making eco-education even more immersive and exciting.


Outside of work, she enjoys going on solo adventures in the wilderness and devouring knowledge along the way.

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Her love affair with the natural world first started when working for the BBC in London, its close proximity to the esteemed Natural History Unit, was what sparked an interest in all things wildlife. 

Her background in content, and love for natural history and documentaries, fueled a deep desire to observe and learn about the natural world in all its glory.


A certified Yoga Teacher and experienced Climber, she is constantly picking up new skills that connect her with movement, the outdoors - and imparting these skills to others. Trekking and Rock Climbing outdoors has given her a new way to connect with nature, and most recently, she has completed her open water diving certification which opens more avenues for exploration! 




Growing up in Singapore, Addy returned home after a decade-long overseas stint. From serene parks & gardens to thriving mangroves, she has learnt first-hand what Singapore’s natural wonders has to offer and would love to share this passion with her fellow residents!  


She works in the environmental education sector by day, inspiring the next generation of scientists and future decision makers to love and protect the environment.  Addy is also a certified PADI divemaster and is passionate about marine conservation. She has led expeditions around the region, done research in the Great Barrier Reef, and worked with Marine Conservation Cambodia. Locally, Addy works with various NGOs in the marine conservation field on events and outreach programmes.




If she could breathe underwater, you would probably find her there. Having an affinity for water, Fatin a land-locked mermaid, enjoys water sports like scuba diving and swimming. To her, the best classroom is below sea level. 


Peering, no, diving deep into the recesses of the human oral cavity is her daily adventure. Then, on fun days, she turns into this energizer rabbit Piloxing Instructor, who propels her participants to high intensity workouts. That's not all, she is also certified under the American Council on Exercise as a Group Fitness Instructor and is a sub-committee member to environmental advocates; NYP Geo Council.


This constant fascination and unquenchable thirst for knowledge that nature has to offer is what keeps her driven, and spiritually connected to the Creator. Believing that knowledge is meant to be shared, Fatin is all for the educating of curious minds, the rich biodiversity Mother Nature has on display.

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